Diagnose and Correct - Hourly rate of $200 ... First hour is free.

This service is helping your company discover and correct that one problem that, when corrected, will unleash your full potential. You may or may not have a handle on what the problem is, but you have been unable to overcome it by yourself. 

The Full Service Install of OTR's Five Part System

Turn your company into a smooth running money making machine! We recommend this service to businesses that have at least 10 employees and do over $2M in revenues a year. Your hard work has led to some success, but now you are stuck.  Growth has stagnated. The Full-Service Install varies depending on how much hands-on time is needed.  Typically it costs less than a part-time receptionist would for their first year. 


We bill on a monthly basis only for hours worked. The client can stop the service at any time they feel they either no longer need our service or they do not feel like we are meeting their needs. Just simply pay for hours worked to date.

Monhtly Membership - Great for Startups and Small Businesses

The benefit of the monthly membership is that you can choose how many hours a month you want our help AND our hourly rate is only $100 per hour!!  The minimum is 3 hours a month for 3 months. However. you can sign up for a 4 hour, 5 hour etc. a month. 

We can meet on-site*, do video calls or over the phone. Often times someone starting a business for the first time has a constant influx of questions but does not have time to meet for long periods of time because they are busy getting things going. We try to cater to your needs by offering this discounted service to help with anything from getting your accounting system setup, to helping you with your invoicing process and hiring. 

* Travel reimbursement at the current mileage rate will be billed for onsite meetings only for this service.

Bi-Monthly Group Meetings - $200 per month.

This is our most exciting service.  Where groups of 5 to 7 business owners meeting twice a month for 3 hours to discuss the problems they are having. We help walk them through the solutions to those problems. The real fun is that you are surrounded by peers who are often going through the same types of challenges that you are. 

We find that in these group setting much more progress is made, there is an atmosphere of encouragement where oftentimes, ideas are brought forth that dramatically change the lives of all involved. 

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