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Our niche is companies with 20 - 100 employees

We are passionate about helping business owners, entrepreneurs and people reach their potential. If you have cash flow constraints, or hit a wall with sales or can't seem to retain good employees we want to help you succeed! 



Business Consulting

What your company ultimately needs is Results! We use our proven experience to look at your companies current condition and determine if you need our services. There is no cost for this evaluation. We only want to help those who need it.


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Leadership Coaching

We work with companies to empower them to reach their fullest potential finding their unique gifting for success.


Our Leadership training equips leaders to not only get results but who are passionate about seeing those around them succeed. The most important aspect of a true leader is measured by how well they train and equip those around them to become successful.

Social Media Marketing

On Track Results provides creative and innovative internet marketing. We will provide you with a website that accurately promotes your business. See some of our client sites.


We can also produce cutting edge videos that drive traffic to your website and social media pages using our new service "Media that Matters." (coming soon)

On Track Results Business Consulting in Los Angeles, Christian Business Consulting

Bradley DeRuiter - Founder of On Track Results

"I have a burning passion to see business owners succeed
by implementing proven principles that bring lasting results!"

Bradley DeRuiter has over 25 years of business management experience in small and large corporations providing proven leadership and strategic thinking.  Prior to founding On Track Results he was CEO of Pervo Paint Company, a privately held corporation that produced traffic marking products and industrial coatings. While at the helm of Pervo Paint he was able to increase revenues from $12 million to over $38 million while also creating a 10% return on those revenues.  Bradley led the negotiation of an acquisition of Pervo Paint Company bringing the ownership a profitable return on their investment.  Bradley has also held positions of President of Davlin Coatings and Director of Distribution for Ennis Traffic Safety Solutions to name a few.


Bradley is a demonstrated achiever with emphasis on business development. He is skilled at mining intelligence from financials, finding hidden opportunities for improvement, clarifying the niche potential or a company as well as possible reporting methodologies to keep leadership focused on the financial targets. Whatever your business need, he can bring a creative and inspired perspective  to help your company achieve at the highest level.  He has a  Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business from Westmont College, attended Fuller Theological Seminary in the Masters of Divinity Track.


Finally, Bradley DeRuiter, is committed to strong moral values.  These strong moral values that have helped him develop lasting results both in the work environment and in life.  He, and his wife of over 26 years Kimiya, are facilitators for Business Training School.  The school focuses on training entrepreneurs on how to start a business. Click here to download Bradley's full resume.



Here are just some of the areas our company can help with:


Expense Minimization

Controlling costs is key to ensuring short term and long term success.  On Track Results utilizes a thorough methodology to examine our clients expenses and provide executable procedures to cut costs and expenses in a way that does not inhibit growth or hinder success.

Organizational Efficiency

Our team evaluates your corporate infrastructure looking for ways to improve efficiency. We can improve communication both on a reporting level and personnel level. Ensuring that your company is setup to be as streamline and effective as possible. 


Interim Management

Sometime our clients are in need of an interim executive or manager that will help them transition to another level.  Whether budget contraints prevent long term employment or an untimely dismissal of a key executive leaves a company vulnerable, we can fill in temporarily with our expertise to keep a client going at a strong pace while they find a suitable long term replacement.

Management Consulting

On Track Results can give your company the principles and training to become better equipped to utilize your most valuable asset...your employees!  Working with manager's and top executives, to inspire and equip your employees to perform at their best.  To set a vision before them and show them how they can accomplish it.  A good manager sets the tone that creates an atmosphere of excitement and creativity allowing employees to function at their highest level.  


Revenue Optimization

We will determine your top line growth potential and your gross margin potential.  Examining your companies current products or services and how they are perceived by your customer base.  In addition, looking at how best to focus on your "niche" market" that will maximize both sales and margins. 


These are just a few areas we can help with. For a full list of service go to our:                             .

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RISK FREE EVALUATION: On Track Results understands the risk that business owners take on so we are willing to give you a risk free evaluation of what we can do for your business.  We will sign an NDA so all your information is to kept confidential.  We will review your information then present you with a brief proposal of which services we think will benefit you the most. If we can find potential areas of improvement you can decide to move forward or not. If we cannot find anyway to help, we will simply thank you for your time. Please contact us if you are interested in our risk free evaluation. 

On Track Results can take an in depth look at a company using our 25 plus years of business expertise and employ strategic methods to see that company reach it's true potential.
Get Your Business On Track for Greater Results


Business Consulting is the biggest component of On Track Results. It can be focused on a small part your company or take on an all encompassing in depth analysis of your businesses performance.


We also have special event packages that include monthly catered lunch seminars at your office to train team members while they dine.



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On Track Results also does Track Day events that include time on the race track, training seminars between track sessions and a catered lunch. Sometimes getting out of the office can be the best place to be open to new ideas and change. Not to mention getting to have a lot of fun and thrills in a race car or in your own car.



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On Track Results has the experience to offer creative and professional looking website design to bridge the gap between your company and your customers. We train our customers how to manage their own sites or will manage their sites for them for additional fees. Our services enable our clients to maximize their search potential on all major search engines and will demonstrate how to interact with social media to maximize web presence.  Below are some samples of our client websites:


Website design for all businesses
Website design for all businesses
Website design for all businesses
Website design for all businesses
Website design for all businesses
Website design for all businesses
Packages and Prices

Pricing starts at $300 for a basic website. Design Fee varies depending on site size and complexity.  Please contact us for a free estimate.


Full Site Design and Management

On Track Results works along side the customer to design a site that meets their needs and is on call to update site as needed.


Initial Site Design and Training Customer to Manage Site

On Track Results works along side the customer to design a site that meets their needs and then trains staff to update and maintain website.


Update Current Website Design

On Track Results works along side the customer to update their current website design.


We work closely with customers to help promote their company using the most effective social media platforms for their needs. Our services include:

1. Our staff managing your social media completely for a monthly charge that varies depending on needs.

2. We can also train your staff on using the most up to date and effective techniques to manage your own social media efforts. Fees vary depending on needs. 

Please contact us for a free estimate.

#Media that Matters


#Media That Matters produces cutting edge videos that drive traffic to your website and social media pages.


Here is an example:

Included in the Media that Matters package is a 3-5 minute feature video that tells your unique story in an exciting way, three 30 second teaser videos and a social media manual that guides you through the steps to best utilize your videos on social media (twitter, instagram, facebook and youtube) to drive the most traffic to your business!


How does your leadership team function? Do employees thrive working under the leadership team of your company?  What is the definition of a good leader?  What are their attributes? Can anyone be trained to be a good leader?  What does a company do if someone in a leadership role turns out not to be a good leader?


Good leaders empower their people to grow and Great leaders empower people to become all they can be! 


So gaining a following does not make a good leader, BUT people will want to follow good leaders! There is a lot more to effective leaders than a following.


Our experience has determined some of the key qualities of a good leader. All of these qualities are assessed by how a leader interacts with those they lead. Here are some the components we have determined to be the most important in effective leaders:

Management Consulting Los Angeles, Leadership Training Los Angeles, Christian Business Consulting Los Angeles


Empowering - Foremost effective leaders empower those they lead.  They are not demeaning but carry an attitude of honor and respect for their employees.


Responsible - Effective leaders take responsibility for their actions. They do not blame others and they look to learn from mistakes rather than excuse them. 


Accountable - They are willing to be accountable and welcome accountability for their actions and in turn hold others accountable for their actions.


Adaptable - Effective leaders are not afraid of change but are adaptable and willing to find solutions in changing environments.


Teachable - A good leader must be willing to learn. No one knows everything, those that are secure in who they are always willing to learn.


Achievers - They make sure the job gets done.  They can be counted on, relied on for finishing the task at hand.


Delegators - Effective leaders are good at delegating to others so that results are maximized. They are not afraid to entrust crucial tasks to others.


Attitude - They maintain a positive attitude in high stress environments and relent from lashing out at others but are considerate of those around them.


Alignment - Effective leaders are in alignment with the companies mission and have the companies best interest at heart.


Awareness - Finally leaders are aware of how their decisions will affect things. They think through things before acting, considering the ultimate outcome.


In our experience we have found these traits in the most effective leaders.  There are people who operate outside these traits and still accomplish things, but if they were to incorporate these traits their accomplishments would have been far greater!  Most effective leaders do not operate at all times in these traits.  We all make mistakes and have bad days.  However, effective leaders will more often then not, operate within these traits the majority of the time.


On Track Results works with clients to help them develop their leaders.  We give clients the tools necessary to ensure they have the right people in charge and the tools to better equip those who are potential leaders.


Contact us for more information on our leadership programs.  See our EVENTS page for more information on some of our leadership development seminars.




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